Project Life Plans for 2015

My first Project Life blog post for 2015.
I wanted to come by and share with you my thoughts and plans for Project Life for 2015.

This is my first year doing Project Life as a whole family thing and not being totally directed to my son's first year album (which I still have not finished, however he only turned one last week). It is really exciting to be able to pull out pink and flowers (not that I really loved flowers) and sparkly things again. I have been really enjoying the process.

I might start off with the process video;

In this video I show you the start of my Project Life book.
Here are some links to the videos I have mentioned
Video for Cover Page
Video for Week One

I was really happy with how it has turned out so far.

I've been very inspired by what everyone has been sharing of their 2015 plans and covers on Pinterest. I'm a bit of a Pinterest whore actually. You can find my Pinterest board here.

A bit of *eye candy*

Anyway I am going to finish this blog post off with a little look at my WEEK ONE spread. I seriously like totally can't believe it is two thousand and fifteen already!!! When did that even happen and when did my boy turn ONE? Time flies too quickly!

Week One Project Life Spread

You can find the process video for this spread linked up above.
I really had a lot of fun with this page. I got the gelatos out and used up a heap of older product.
I am trying to just not worry about the 'hot and trendy' product this year and use up my stash! Let's face's about the memories and not the product. That's why I scrapbook/project life anyway << although sometime I do lose my way. Haha.

I took two pictures of the spread as I have a 6x8 insert in between so have photographed it flipped over to both sides. You can see its  little better on the video. I am loving using up some of these inserts. I bought these for my Pregnancy Snap! binder and still have a heap left and they fit so beautifully into these 3 ring binders. 

Do you know what? That pink and orange Amy Tangerine fabric camera sticker has been in stash for years and I don't say that lightly...I do mean years. I think it was from the Sketchbook line? Well I FINALLY got it used on a page and it fits so perfectly with this week's spread as I had chosen to go with a pink and orange theme.

So I hope you enjoyed this little look at my plans and also my process and completed week one spread.

I am looking forward to sharing a lot more as the weeks, month and year ticks by.

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