Lucky (Friends) ~ 12x12 Layout

Today I wanted to come by and share a page that I did recently about a topic that I just don't scrapbook enough about, friends! I am so blessed and lucky to have such awesome friends in my life. I mean I have the type of friends that you could call any hour of the day anytime for help and they would just be there. I know it! I may not have a large group of friends but I have some pretty awesome friends! It's also rare to scrapbook a page where I am behind the camera and it isn't some gross no make up, hair not done selfie. This photo was actually taken at my engagement party and I am pretty sure I was 6 months pregnant. So I had no choice but to make myself up. I mean it was my engagement party!  

I found this Rise & Shine collection by Amy Tangerine when I was browsing the shelves at Spotlight and by some shock reason my Spotlight actually had the entire collection in stock which is rare given that it's only a C/D grade store. I actually fell in love with the collection. I mean it is somewhat similar to previous collection (I sort of thought it reminded me of Sketchbook) but I loved the brights and whimsical feel to it. So what can a girl do but buy one of everything?

I know right!

Unfortunately I just couldn't wait to dig my hands into the collection and in this house it meant scrapbooking late at night while prying my eyes open with toothpicks and wishing I could take coffee intravenously (spelling?) So it means I didn't get a process video filmed for this layout. The light is too poor at night time and during the day I am fighting the seconds and minutes to have a coffee, pee alone and sometimes even walk without having a small child swinging off my trouser legs. Hence sometimes waiting for daylight filming time is like waiting for the day I will climb Mount Everest. Sometimes a girl just has to scrap.

I loved clustering the little embellishments and I even used some bits from the OLD Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste line (I think!) <<little red puffy camera. All the labels are from a piece of patterned paper in the collection and I chopped the up and sewed them to the page. Real technical terms there! I am on a bit of a sewing binge at the moment. Not even quite sure why. I thought I had gotten rid of that obsession a long while ago, but it appears not.

So there's a final look at my page.
Pretty happy with how it turned out and pretty happy to have a page scrapped about my awesome friends. They really are the spice of life.

Much love till next time,

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