I'll be back soon...

I am sitting here writing this post tonight realising how much I have missed blogging.
I really love to write, in fact it's always been one of my favourite things to do. Even as a young child I loved to write notes and stories, sometimes for myself and sometimes for others.

I came to the conclusion this morning that my priorities have been rather screwed up (for want of a better word) lately. I have become drawn into Facebook and lured into hours of scrolling through other's lives, being depressed by shocking stories, impressed by others but most of all just drawn in and wasted so many hours on the black hole of the internet.

I have had some rough stuff going on lately. A lot of family changes to come to terms with and a lot of things happen that has made me appreciate my family a whole lot more.

So in saying all of this I have realised lately that I have been lost for words, unsure of what to say and I have suffered for that by bottling everything up inside me. I have lost my creativity, my sense of wonder and inspiration.

I am hoping over the next month as I learn the draw myself away from the enticement of social media that I will gather these things back and share them with you on my blog.
I am hoping that I can find my creativity again, I can have fun with my family and most of all I can focus on the positive and get rid of the negative.

There is far too much negative in most of our lives. We don't need it.

So I am hoping that maybe somewhere out there will read this and maybe read my blog and be inspired to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Good for you sweetheart. Fill your life with positives that help you... I try to do the same. Praying xxx

Tracey O said...

You inspire me, Kayla. Hugs xx

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